Sean's Fund

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Assistance Fund

We have now set up an online link for those who wish to donate electronically. 

(Click above to make a secure electronic donation through Paypal)

There have been several funds set up to help Sean McQuade and the families during the healing process and recovery.  The two primary funds, which were set as donation accounts, are managed by the respective banks are listed below.

One account was set up by Michael Camp and is a nonprofit fund through St. Edmonds Federal Bank called the “Sean McQuade Alumni Fund”.  This fund is for use toward medical, rehabilitation, or any needs Sean McQuade may require.  Donations for this fund can be written out to the "Sean McQuade Alumni Fund" and mailed to:

Sean McQuade Alumni Scholarship
c/o St Edmonds Federal Savings Bank
1893 Hurffville Road
Sewell, NJ 08080-9900

Another fund has been set up by the Mullica Hill Merchants Association for well wishers who would like to give donations for the needs of Sean McQuade and his family while they are by his side in Virginia and away from work and their homes. This is a nonprofit fund and will be utilized for medical expenses as well as any immediate needs of the families. Donations can be mailed to: 

Friends of Sean McQuade
c/o Susquehanna Patriot Bank
P.O. Box 69
Mullica Hill, NJ 08062

You can drop off donations to either of the two banks above. All funds will be deposited immediately and all cards and notes will be kept and held for Sean and his family.  If there are other funds set up by well wishers and you would like to get direction on how to best utilize those dollars for the families, we would recommend depositing into one of the funds above.  If you would like to discuss a specific desire on how you want the funds applied, please contact Kurt Forsman at 860-399-5669.  

We would like to give our sincere thanks to everyone who has given their time and money to help Sean.  The outpouring of prayers and generosity has been amazing and we again thank you.

Correction to Television and Newspaper Reports:

A lot of news reports have indicated that individuals could donate "Airline Miles". Although that would be awesome, the airlines that the family contacted stated that airline mioles were not transferable and therefore not able to be donated.

Please hold off attempting to donate airline miles unless we are able to determine that they can, in fact be transferred or donated.

Anyone with knowledge of how to accomplish donated air miles can contact;  

Airline Miles Update, 4-27-07:

A supporter of Sean's forwarded the following information:

(United Airlines) "If you are a few miles short of reaching your next travel award, or would like a unique gift option, you can purchase miles for yourself or others, or even share your already earned miles with a friend or relative. It’s easy with Personal Miles®, GiveMiles®, Reward Miles®, or Transfer Miles® transactions."

Visit  for more information, or to purchase and transfer miles

Motorcycle Ride

If you can help the employees of the Delaware Valley Wholesale Florist organize a benefit motorcycle ride, call David J. Stowe 



Sean McQuade's family issued a statement and the last part reads:

"We may never be able to rationalize what has occurred yet we hope that everyone will be able to recover and grow stronger in mind body and spirit... in God we trust."

Forever Changed (we're all Hokies Today)

Kurtis Parks. Josh Kim. 4.18.07

On just an ordinary day,

A weapon drawn, and lives forever changed

One act of violence made the world stop and watch

And on a drillfield by candlelight we prayed

And with questions on our minds, we wonder where the future lies

As we look up to heaven with hope in our eyes

Where do we go from here

Can we overcome this fear

And find a healing for the pain, and see the sun beyond the rain

We've got the strength to endure,

And soon we'll feel more secure

In a world filled with hate, we need to become something great

Oh God, send your mercy this way, for we're all Hokies today


Verse 2:

And to the ones who fell that day

In our hearts your love will never fade away

We're picking up the pieces to build a better tomorrow

We'll find a joy, to move on from the sorrow

By the color of the leaves, you know He has us on his mind

So we look up to heaven with hope in our eyes

Where do we go from here

Can we overcome this fear

And find a healing for the pain, and see the sun behind the rain

We've got the strength to endure,

And someday we'll feel more secure

In a world full of hate, we need to become something great

Oh God, send your mercy this way, cuz we're all Hokies today


The spirit lives on, don't let it be gone, let it shine forever

And through the heartbreak, for the lost and their sakes, let it bring us together

We Remember

  • Ross Abdallah Alameddine
  • Christopher James Bishop
  • Brian Roy Bluhm
  • Ryan Christopher Clark
  • Austin Michelle Cloyd
  • Jocelyne Couture-Nowak
  • Kevin P. Granata
  • Matthew Gregory Gwaltney
  • Caitlin Millar Hammaren
  • Jeremy Michael Herbstritt
  • Rachael Elizabeth Hill
  • Emily Jane Hilscher
  • Jarrett Lee Lane
  • Matthew Joseph La Porte
  • Henry J. Lee
  • Liviu Librescu
  • G.V. Loganathan
  • Partahi Mamora Halomoan Lumbantoruan
  • Lauren Ashley McCain
  • Daniel Patrick O'Neil
  • J. Ortiz-Ortiz
  • Minal Hiralal Panchal
  • Daniel Alejandro Perez
  • Erin Nicole Peterson
  • Michael Steven Pohle, Jr.
  • Julia Kathleen Pryde
  • Mary Karen Read
  • Reema Joseph Samaha
  • Waleed Mohamed Shaalan
  • Leslie Geraldine Sherman
  • Maxine Shelly Turner
  • Nicole White