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At the Battle of the Bands for Sean McQuade:

December Star performing "October Essence"

Seraphim performing "Autumn"

Action News 6 

Thousands Raised to Help Va. Tech Survivor

WPVI By Denise James

- A young Cherry Hill man, a survivor of April's Virginia Tech massacre, received a lot of support from friends and family members on Sunday.

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Folks gathered at Swanky Bubbles in Cherry Hill to attend a $30 benefit brunch for Sean McQuade.

The 22-year-old Virginia Tech senior from Mullica Hill, New Jersey was critically injured during the April 16th massacre. The gunman shot Sean in the face, shattering his jaw.

His neighbor, Joan Frankowski, hosted this fundraiser at her husband's restaurant and champagne bar to help Sean's family.

"People forget. We forget. Everybody goes back to their lives and the family is left with the aftermath of all that medical," said organizer Joan Frankowski.

Donated baskets of everything from flowers and specialty coffees to skin care products and Tupperware were raffled off. An autographed Bon Jovi guitar was donated for auction. Sean's family is grateful for the support.

"Out of the worst of human kind we see the best off human kind come forth. It touches you as a person," said his step-mom Lisa McQuade.

"It's humanity at its best. Through tragedy we found out the goodness in people," said his dad, Ralph McQuade.

Instead of launching his career as an insurance statistician, the warm and intelligent young man is working hard to rehabilitate his body. Family supporters hope their dollars, prayers and intentions will help in some way.

"I'm hoping that this would help him be strong. We're letting him know we're always there behind him to support him," said Maria Dy of Mullica Hill.

Eight nerves were severed in the base of Sean's skull, paralyzing the right side of his face. Surgeons plan to replace the nerves with one from his leg. Through it all, Sean's dad said he has been a trooper.

"He's never said why me or why is this happening. He just pushes ahead and says this is what I've got to do and goes straight ahead," said McQuade.

Doctors said Sean could regain 95% of his physical ability. Supporters hope they're right. They raised $10,000 to help pay for those medical bills.

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clock Jun 24, 2007 11:47 pm US/Eastern

Community Holds Fundraiser For Va. Tech Victim

(CBS 3) A local man, critically wounded in the tragedy on Virginia Tech's Campus, was hospitalized again undergoing more treatment for his injuries.

Family and friends of Sean McQuade are coming together for a benefit to help with his ongoing care.

"It's humanity at its best. Through tragedy we found out the goodness of people," Sean's father Ralph McQuade said.

Ralph McQuade can't help but to smile, surrounded by supportive family and friends. It's the kind of support he says keeps his son Sean focused on recovery.

"He's never said why me or why did this happen to me. He just pushes ahead looking straight ahead," Ralph said.

Sean McQuade was shot in the face by Virginia tech gunman XXX XXXXX-XXX his parents said nerves at the base of his neck were severed, and he now suffers from paralysis on the right side of his face. His jaw was also shattered.

Doctors plan to replace the nerves in his neck with one from his leg. Rehab and surgery is expensive. The Mcquades' neighbors are stepping in to help with a fundraiser.

"You never think it's going to be somebody that you know or you never think that it's going to hit so close to home," fundraiser organizer Joan Frankowski said.

Swanky bubbles donated the space and food and other vendors donated a ranged of items for auction, including a guitar signed by Jon Bon Jovi.

"We just want to give them our support and show them that we care," Frankowski said.

The Mcquades will need all the help they can get. Sean's older brother actually quit his job in Kansas City and returned home to help his brother but the family is optimistic.

"His doctor feels he can do this operation and put him back together so we are very hopeful," Ralph said.

Sean's parents said he is spending most of his time in rehab getting stronger to prepare for his next surgery which is scheduled for some time in the fall.

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Community Holds Fundraiser For Virgina Tech Victim 

Action News 6 

Fundraiser Planned for Virginia Tech Survivor

WPVI By Dann Cuellar

- Adversity has a way of challenging a family, friends and neighbors, but ultimately they are defined in how they deal with it.

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A difficult road of recovery lies ahead for the family of Virginia Tech survivor Sean McQuade, but they are overwhelmed with the generosity of others, including those who are putting on a fundraiser at Swanky Bubbles in Cherry Hill.

"Through this tragedy, we met so many people. You don't realize the goodness and the kindness that come from people," said his father Ralph McQuade.

In his first interview since the Virginia Tech massacre, McQuade seems more overwhelmed with the generosity of strangers than the horror of the tragedy that critically wounded his 23-year-old son.

"A lot of people didn't bring their children home. I brought my son home, and to see my son just going forward, marching forward, he's never looking back," he said.

Sean was sitting in the front row of his German class at Virginia Tech's Norris Hall when the gunman put a bullet through his cheek shattering his jaw, his ear canal, and a number of nerves that control his eye and facial movement before cracking the back of his skull.

"The bullet somehow missed the brain, missed the cerebellum, which is the bottom of the brain and I prayed for that so much," said McQuade.

Ralph McQuade is grateful for the encouraging words received from ABC News anchor Bob Woodruff. He went thru a year of recovery from a head wound he suffered in Iraq from a roadside bomb. Woodruff set up the McQuade family with the neurosurgeon who treated him in Manhattan, Dr. Peter Constantino.

"The doctor seems confident that he can make this happen and they do miracles today, so we're confident too. We really are and my son is very optimistic," said McQuade.

To help with enormous medical bills, neighbors in Mullica Hill are putting together a benefit brunch this Sunday.

"You're doing something that is going to help the McQuade family, but also you sort of get that warm fuzzy feeling from everyone out there in the community. I think this town has really come together," said neighbor Joan Frankowski.

The benefit brunch at Swanky Bubbles will be held between 1:00 and 4:00 Sunday afternoon.

A limited number of tickets are still available. Please contact Joan Frankowski at 223-0339 or Kelly Marucci at 223-2890 or email at for additional information or to purchase tickets.

(Copyright 2007 by Action News and 6abc. All Rights Reserved.)

clock Jun 15, 2007 12:15 am US/Eastern

Benefit Held For Area Student Injured At Va. Tech

(CBS 3) WOODBURY, N.J. A fundraising event was held Thursday evening for one of the wounded Virginia Tech shooting victims from our area.

Hundreds of people gathered in Woodbury, Gloucester County for the combination social, comedy show and silent auction.

Sean McQuade, of Mullica Hill, was shot in the face during the massacre at Virginia Tech and the bullet remains lodged there.

"Just seeing all these people here, it's just amazing to see how everyone has come together and coming to support the family," Virginia Tech graduate Josh Kim said.

McQuade is undergoing therapy and will need more surgery.

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Yankees make contribution to Va. Tech fund

Updated: May 23, 2007, 8:45 PM ET

NEW YORK -- The New York Yankees made a $1 million contribution to the Virginia Tech "Hokie Spirit Memorial Fund" prior to playing the Boston Red Sox at Yankee Stadium on Wednesday.

The fund is designed to cover expenses like grief counseling, memorials and other costs for the victims and their families. Virginia Tech student XXXXX-XXX XXX killed 32 people in two campus buildings before committing suicide in a classroom on April 16.

The Yankees, who are also honoring the victims of the massacre by wearing the Virginia Tech logo on their caps, plan to play an exhibition game on or near the campus in 2008.

"The events that took place this spring in Virginia have deeply affected us all," Yankees owner George Steinbrenner said in a statement. "But the Virginia Tech community has shown great spirit and resolve during this difficult time, and the New York Yankees are proud to join so many others in supporting the healing process."

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