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Sean's Photo Gallery

This page is dedicated to pictures of Sean's Family, Friends, Supporters, And Well Wishers.

Feel free to send a picture along with description of the people to . If you want to send a video message, uoload that video message to and then send me the URL so I may post a link along with a description. 


Ryan, Morgan and Sean - Summer 2007 (Sean can't smile on the right side so brother and sister decided to smile the same way)

McQuade Brothers:

Ryan & Sean: Summer of 2003

Sean along with sister Morgan (20), Mom (Jody McQuade nee Forsman), Grandparents Chuck & Lorrie Forsman

Grandpop Chuck, Uncle Kurt, Uncle Mark
and Sean

"We Are Virginia Tech"

United We Stand.....

We Will Never Forget

"We Are Virginia Tech"

Sometimes it is just too painful to keep locked up inside.

"We Are Virginia Tech"

Sean, Morgan & "Peanut", Christmas 2006

Country music superstar Kenny Chesney performs in Greensboro, NC on April 19th, the eve of the National VT day, supporting Virginia Tech by wearing VT colors, flying a VT flag from his microphone stand and asking the crowd of 20,000 plus to remember everyone at Virginia Tech

"We Are Virginia Tech"

United in Grief

Reach Out And Hug Someone

"We Are Virginia Tech"

Finding Comfort

"We Are Virginia Tech"


"We Are Virginia Tech"

What a Turnout !

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